The Network has compared the first smartphones on iOS and Android

The vast Network made a comparison of the first smartphones on iOS and Android. The corresponding video was published by the authors of the EverythingApplePro channel on YouTube.

В Сети сравнили первые смартфоны на iOS и Android

The first smartphone from Apple was the iPhone 2G, he saw the world in 2007. Already in 2008 she released the HTC Dream, which gave rise to the history of Android. The dimensions of the device were similar, but have a device with iOS display size was 3.5 inches when the competitor rate was 3.2 inches. The solution in both cases was limited to 320 by 480 pixels. the iPhone was significantly thinner, and in the hands of lay nicer. The HTC Dream was trying a new world to combine with the old one, because the device has retained the qwerty keyboard and the joystick, whereas on the device from Apple control occurred due to the touch screen and Home button.

In the “Apple” smartphone already removed the possibility of replacing the battery, and the Android model it has been preserved. The advantage of the first iOS still in stock on-screen keyboard, the main competitor to her for some time was not. The iPhone was impossible to put a Wallpaper on your desktop, but there was a choice of backgrounds for the lock screen and the first smartphone based on Android, it was the opposite. From the debut of the mobile device from the Apple unlock was using Slide to Unlock, whereas HTC Dream acted pattern.

The debut of the iPhone had limited functionality, and all the working icons are usually placed on a single screen. Home button just led to the main screen, other features she has appeared later. Competitor on Android allows you to change the icons in some places, offered widgets and control, there have even been its app store, called Market. That is, even then was superior to iOS, although a full race between them has not yet begun. The battery capacity of the first iPhone was 1400 mAh, HTC — 1150 mAh. The camera is the “Apple” devices had 2 MP, the Dream is of 3.2 MP but the picture quality was about the same.

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