The Netherlands has developed a “living coffin” of mushrooms

The Netherlands has developed a “living coffin” of mushrooms

A scientist from the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) is working on the Living Cocoon project. He developed a coffin that consists of a mushroom mycelium.

The Netherlands has developed a

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This product can be created in a few weeks. The mycelium is able to grow and take the shape of a coffin. After that, it is dried. Soft moss is used inside for comfort. In the ground, under the influence of groundwater, the mushrooms come to life and grow again, while the deceased is composted. Unusual coffins are on display at two Dutch funeral companies. Their owners guarantee that these products are capable of withstanding up to 200 kg.

According to Bob Hendrix, who is the author of the project, at the moment humanity lives on the territory of a huge cemetery, since each piece of land has become the last shelter of various dead creatures for billions of years of life. With the help of the “Living Cocoon”, it is possible to quickly process dead bodies and enrich the soil, and not poison it. Hendricks notes that this idea came to him after the presentation at the exhibition of a “living” house made from mycelium. A girl approached him with a question if her grandmother could be left here if she died.

Earlier, California-based designer Je Rim Lee showed a funeral costume made from mushroom spores that accelerate the decomposition of corpses. It buried Hollywood actor Luke Perry, famous for the TV series “Beverly Hills 90210”.

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