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The NDP introduces a bill to ban the promotion of fossil fuels

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Feb9,2024

The NDP poses a bill to ban the promotion of fossil fuels

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« Pollution from the oil industry “Canada's gas industry is not only killing the planet, it's killing people,” said NDP natural resources critic Charlie Angus.

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In a desire to fight climate change, the New Democratic Party (NDP) wants to ban the so-called “misleading” promotion of fossil fuels in Canada .

On Monday, federal NDP MP Charlie Angus tabled a bill (New window) to this effect in the House of Commons.

In conference press release the next day, he explained his position by asserting that the Canadian oil industry was propaganda when it claims that it is part of the solution to fight climate change.

It's like [a tobacco company] telling you it can help end lung cancer, said Charlie Angus, who represents the riding of Timmins-James Bay, Ontario. p>

Charlie Angus believes that, like tobacco ads that were heavily restricted in the 1990s, it is time for Canada to ban ads from fossil fuel companies that aim to deliberately mislead the public.

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If this MP's bill passed in its current form, any advertising relating to fossil fuels, such as oil, natural gas, hydrocarbons and their derivatives, would be prohibited if it was likely to create a misleading impression as to its effects. on health or the environment.

The Environmental Defense group welcomes this initiative.

There is a long history of denying climate change on the part of the oil industry, says the head of the transition program for the environmental advocacy group, Emilia Belliveau.

This advertising strategy is outdated these days, according to her. We see a lot of companies that will say that they are concerned about climate change […] and will carry out greenwashing campaigns.

We know that the oil industry has been deceiving the public for years and has always gotten away with it.

A quote from Emilia Belliveau, head of the Environmental Defense transition program

Greenwashing is a public relations strategy to minimize its polluting activities and attempt to present itself as an eco-responsible company.

Policies similar to those that the NDP wants to establish already exist in certain countries, notably in France and the United Kingdom.

In Alberta, the Prime Minister , Danielle Smith, and the Canadian Energy Companies Association (CAOEC) strongly oppose the bill.

On her X account, Danielle Smith is asking NDP candidates in the party's leadership race, currently taking place in Alberta, to call out MP Charlie Angus about this irresponsible bill. /p>

No candidate reacted to the publication at the time of writing.

The CAOEC, which reacted through a press release, said it was disappointed by the lack of knowledge surrounding the energy problems that the Canadian population and many countries face.

Radio-Canada tried to find out more about the repercussions that such a law could have on the Canadian oil industry, but the association was not available to grant us a interview.

The bill was on its first reading Monday. University of Alberta political science professor Frédéric Boily says he would be surprised if it were adopted in its current form: It would be very complicated to implement.

He adds that he does not believe that the NDP will obtain the support of the Liberal Party on this issue.

According to him, the Liberals must manage their relations with certain provinces. It's complicated enough as it is with Alberta.

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