The national team of Ukraine in Dota 2 withdrew from the world championship due to the admission of the Russians

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The Ukrainian Dota 2 national team withdrew from the World Championship due to the admission of Russians

IESF World Championship emblem

Ukraine's Dota 2 national team refused to play the lower bracket match of the Dota 2 World Championship playoffs against Indonesia. The team was awarded a technical defeat.

The reason for the removal of the Ukrainian team is the decision of the International Computer Sports Federation (IESF) to allow Russian players to compete.

Declaration of support of the national team of Ukraine by Ivan Kidaro Bondarev was published by the portal

This is Kidaro. Thank you for the support of all those who were cheering, but it was not enough against the Kyrgyz, it was probably necessary to [drink a beer] yesterday, because it was nervous, and the first experience on the international stage. But after the news and the fact that this is the final decision about the defeat of Russia, there is no longer any desire to participate in the competition.

The Ukrainian national team took first place in Group D at the IESF Dota 2 World Championship. In the first round of the upper grid, the team lost to the national team of Kyrgyzstan with a score of 0:2.

On August 28, at the congress of IESF delegates, a decision was made to cancel the ban on the use of the national flag and anthem at competitions under the auspices of the organization by players from Russia.

The decision to ban Russian players was effective from April 18, 2022. The Russian national team does not participate in the tournament.

The composition of the Ukrainian national team:

  • Denys 'StoneBank' Korzh;
  • Nikita 'Panda' Katkov;
  • Ilya 'geO`ZziZi' Yasinsky;
  • Ivan 'Kidaro' Bondarev.

At the beginning of August, the Ukrainian eSports Federation (UESF) blacklisted five eSportsmen from Ukraine for playing in teams with Russians. Among them – two players of the Russian team Team Spirit from the Dota 2 game Ilya Mulyarchuk  (Yatoro) and Myroslav Kolpakov (Mira).

Prepared by Serhii Daga