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The national team of Ukraine demonstrated the costumes in which it will appear at the opening of the 2024 Olympics

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

The national team of Ukraine demonstrated the costumes in which it will appear at the opening of the 2024 Olympics

Costumes of the national team of Ukraine/NOC

A presentation of the official equipment of the Olympic team of Ukraine for the Summer Olympic Games, which will start on July 26 in Paris, took place in Kyiv.

At the main world multi-sport event, the quadrennial – The Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, the national team of Ukraine will appear in a completely new image, which was created and produced by the Polish company “4F” – the new sponsor of the NOC of Ukraine.

According to the manager of the company Ivan Sapa, the new form emphasizes the Ukrainian national identity . A feature of the design is the combination of ears of corn with embroidery elements. Ears symbolize growth and wealth: individually they personify the uniqueness of each athlete, and gathered together – the unity of the team and a single spirit. The word “Victory” is encoded in the embroidery, which is the DNA of the nation, which, according to the creators, will inspire all Ukrainians to victory not only at the Olympics.

The motto of the national team of Ukraine: “We are going to win.” The participation of our team in the Olympic Games is an opportunity to show the world our will and strength of spirit, that Ukraine exists, fights and is capable of winning, – said the president of the NOC of Ukraine Vadym Gutzait.

The collection was demonstrated by the titled Ukrainian athletes who will represent Ukraine at the Olympic Games-2024: Lyudmila Luzan (canoe rowing), Daria Bilodid (judo), Igor Trunov, Oleg Kukharik, Dmytro Danylenko, Ivan Semikin (kayak rowing four), Oleksiy Sereda (diving), Marina sisters and Vladyslav Alexiieva (artistic swimming).

Ukrainian athletes will be in such equipment from 4F during all official ceremonies and events, in particular – at the parade of athletes on the occasion of the opening and closing of the Olympic Games, the ceremony presentation of medals and outside the competitive arenas.

Natasha Kumar

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