The national team adjusts nuts to face Brazil. 

The national team adjusts nuts to face Brazil. 

Colombia will play against Brazil in the quarterfinals of the U20 Women's World Cup, which takes place in Costa Rica, a duel that smells of revenge after losing the last Copa América against “Canarinha”.

The duel, to be played on the 20th at the National Stadium, in San José, is the new obstacle for the national team, which is confident of being able to move on.

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The national team adjusts nuts to face Brazil. 

This Thursday afternoon the soccer players of the National Team give statements and tell how they prepare for the competition.

The player Gabriela Rodríguez , who missed the last game due to yellow cards, is ready for her comeback.

Analysis:“I feel full, when my teammates competed against New Zealand I rested, I strengthened myself to give the best of myself, I am in optimal conditions for the quarterfinals.”

Brazil: “We have advanced and in each match we take a step, it is historic but we are not afraid but respectful, they have beaten us in all categories but we will come out as against Germany, doing everything well, closing spaces, studying the rival. We are going to go out with the attitude. We have come doing a great job, we generate expectations, we have our feet on the ground”.

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Attack: “I saw my teammates fine, they managed to give a good circulation of the ball, with more arrivals than the rival. It was atypical due to the expulsion, but I trust my teammates, I believe in them. Linda's goals came, spectacular, she has great talent and I admire it a lot. And we have to focus on long possession of the ball, play our football, treat the ball with dignity.”

“Brazil is one of the teams that lets play, that is short on the pitch , if we raise our game from the beginning we will counteract it. There is always a first time”.

Improve: “We have individualities, we can have a bad moment, but if we take advantage of the spaces and we are short and get together upstairs”.

Revenge: “One would take it as revenge, as a thorn, but we take it to enjoy and know that we are capable of. It's nice to face Brazil and we can do things well”.

Wendy Bonilla

The player Wendy Bonilla, a regular substitute, also gave her statements:

Analysis: “I see the team better in each game, from the outside it looks good, what we did, we have corrected. We are going to do things very well against Brazil.”

Your contribution: “I am qualified to enter any position, I have worked hard at my club and here I have earned a lot, when I entered it was to sustain and keep the result”:

Linda Caicedo: “Linda gives us confidence, she is admirable, we all trust her, she gives us a lot, she talks to us, we talk to her, being united has brought the group to where we are.”

Brazil: “It's not revenge, we're going to face it like the other games, we'll go out to win and look for the result”.

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