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L&rsquo ;National Assembly adopts a bill on perinatal bereavement

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Désirée McGraw is the Liberal MP for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

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October 15 was proclaimed Quebec Perinatal Bereavement Awareness Day. The National Assembly voted in favor, Thursday, of the bill from the Liberal MP for Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Désirée McGraw.

In Quebec politics, it is quite rare for an opposition party to succeed in having one of its bills adopted. Bill 595 was unanimously adopted on Thursday by the 116 deputies present in the House.

The legislative text, which was tabled by Ms. McGraw on October 5 and which contains only two articles, proclaims October 15 as Quebec Perinatal Bereavement Awareness Day.

He recalls that, each year, nearly 23,000 Quebec families are affected by the loss of a child occurring during pregnancy, childbirth or the beginning of the postnatal period.

And that despite the prevalence of this type of death and its psychosocial repercussions, perinatal mourning remains largely unknown within Quebec society.

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The MP McGraw, who confided having herself experienced several perinatal bereavements, said she wanted to raise awareness about this cause and its psychosocial repercussions.

The Bill 595 notes that several states already recognize October 15 as Perinatal Bereavement Awareness Day.

It's a first step, had declared Ms. McGraw, when tabling her bill. We still have a way to go to implement informed public policies to support these thousands of bereaved families in Quebec.

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