The Nacional player had to pay a penalty in the first game of the League final.

The Nacional player had to pay a penalty in the first game of the League final.

The Championship Disciplinary Committee approved this Tuesday the player Giovanni Moreno, from Atlético Nacional, so that he could play in the Colombian soccer final in the first semester of 2022 against Sports Tolima.

This situation generated a protest from Deportes Tolima, which on its social networks, in the middle of the first leg, announced that it would demand the points of this meeting.

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Moreno had received two suspension dates for having provoked Millonarios fans in the match that his team tied 0-0 in Bogotá, on June 11.

The Nacional player had to pay a penalty in the first game of the League final.

However, the same Committee partially suspended the execution of the sanction, considering that “The tribune provoked by Mr. Moreno was a tribune, which in response to the decisions of this authority, should not have had an audience in the match played between the clubs Azul & Blanco Millonarios F.C. S.A. and Atlético Nacional S.A., which is why it is understood as a particular circumstance on which the commission of the conduct orbits. .

Furthermore, the Committee recognized the actions of Nacional so that the player carried out campaigns of tolerance and that these would have more impact in a final.

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Tolima did not accept the committee's arguments, said he was playing under protest and announced actions:[/embed ]

This is what Tolima said on their networks:

“Deportes Tolima informs the public that it is playing under protest for the irregular alienation of the player from Atlético Nacional, Giovanni Moreno. His inclusion is contrary to all the regulations of the championship.

We respect the decisions of the sports courts and we are sure of the forcefulness of our arguments, for which we not only denounce but also ask for the sanctions and points that the regulation contemplates in our favor.

Institutionalism and legal certainty must prevail and we are going to recover it.”

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