The mystery of the 148-year-old doctor who created the “elixir of life”

The mystery of the 148-year-old doctor who created the “elixir of life”

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 The mystery of the 148-year-old doctor who created the

The tombstone of Dr. Mead says that he died in October 1652, almost 149 years after his birth. It is believed that his wife composed this inscription to increase sales of the created by him "elixir of zhieni".

The grave of Dr. William Meade is located about 24 kilometers from London in the town of Hertfordshire. The stone itself is not interesting, if it were not for the inscription that raises doubts and questions. It says that the British doctor, who died in October 1652, did not live only two months before his 149th birthday.

“William Meade, who died October 28, 1652, died at the age of 148 years, 9 months, 3 weeks and 4 days” – reads the epitaph.

Although life up to 148 years sounds like science fiction today, in those days it was even more like a fairy tale. The average life expectancy of people born in Europe in the 16th century was between 30 and 40 years if they survived childhood, smallpox and other illnesses, which makes the story of Mead incredible. However, according to local legend, Mead invented the elixir of longevity, as well as various other the so-called “drugs”.

It is believed that his wife was the person who dictated the inscription on his grave to a stonemason to encourage the sale of this potion, further questioning the story. However, local archival government documents, dated 1781, write about the “amazing case of longevity”; and claim that cemetery guards have been tasked with updating the inscription on the tombstone after it has worn and become illegible.

Hertfordshire Historic Sites allege that vegetation has covered the tombstone in recent years, and attempts have been made to move it the stone was broken. After that, the headstone was returned to its place. But the question of the age of Dr. Midas will forever remain a mystery.

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