The mysterious “Object A” appeared in orbit

The mysterious “Object A” appeared in orbit

The mysterious “Object A” has appeared in orbit. Experts believe the item was abandoned by a new Chinese spacecraft that returned to Earth on September 6.

The mysterious

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Astronomer Marco Langbrook said he was observing this mysterious object. The specialist believes that this is not just a piece of space debris, since it sends a signal in the L-band around 2280 MHz. The name “Object A” came from the US military intelligence, but Langburk prefers to refer to it in his observations as “Object G”. At maximum brightness, it reaches a value of +4, which means that it is visible in the sky without any special equipment. The astronomer suggests that it may be a satellite abandoned by a Chinese space plane, which is analogous to the American X-37B. It appeared in orbit after the PRC-made spaceplane returned to Earth.

In addition, Langburk does not exclude that Object A is a module and was dropped by a Chinese ship. It demonstrates two peaks in brightness and two episodes of fading, but scientists do not yet have more accurate information about this mysterious subject.

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