The multi-subject test will be much tougher than the UPE and incomparable with last year

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The multi-subject test will be much tougher than the UPE and incomparable with last year

This year's tasks NMT will be of a profile level with open answers and the time to complete them is 4 times less than it was at the EIT, said an expert on educational issues, the founder of the All-Ukrainian educational company EIT Setstud Oleksandr Kondratyuk.

“What is certain about the multitest is that it will be the toughest in all 15 years of testing. There are four tasks of the profile level in mathematics, where there are no answers at all, they will need to be written manually. Six profile tasks in physics, six of these in chemistry, also offer English for all 32 tasks to manually write answers, match – it's all heaven and earth compared to how the multitest was in 2022. There are also complications with history, instead of the promised 100 years, you will need to know a period of four hundred years ",– said an expert on educational issues.

Alexander Kondratyuk noted that a limit would be set for not passing the exam – this is the minimum score at the level of 130.

“To be frank, there is no linking the school to multitest does not exist. About the obligatory subject of history in testing, it is surprising that in a country where there is a war, it is proposed to make history an optional subject. But if one has accepted the fact that there will only be three items, then this is still not the case. Everyone understands that when a new list of subjects for the multitest in the Verkhovna Rada is considered, then with a high probability history will again be made a mandatory subject. And these three subjects that I have described are much tougher, because they have profile tasks with open answers and 2 minutes for each question, which is 4 times less than on the EPE. This year the difficulty will be serious, which will lead to much worse scores compared to previous years,” Kondratyuk commented.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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