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The most remembered presenters of the Goya awards galas

The most remembered presenters of the Goya awards galas

On March 17, 1987, the actor Fernando Rey took the stage of the Lope de Vega theater, in Madrid's Gran Vía, to present what were the first Goya awards, which awarded 15 awards to different categories of the best of cinema Spanish. That was almost 35 years ago and that scenario was never repeated, although Rey as presenter did it once more, the following year; Furthermore, in December 1992 he would become president of the Film Academy by unanimous vote.

Since then, many have taken on the challenge of being at the forefront of a long gala, sometimes heavy and not very agile and where it is necessary to accommodate a multitude of stellar moments that tend to reduce the prominence of whoever presents them. From Jorge Sanz and Lydia Bosch as artistic couple to Imanol Arias, Antonia San Juan or El Gran Wyoming, there are many who have dared to face the big heads, their winners and their audience.

Rosa María Sardà (1994, 1999 and 2002 )

When Rosa María Sardà agreed to present the 1994 gala for an Academy chaired by José Luis Borau, she set, without her knowing it, a whole precedent that would be repeated years and even decades later: that of mixing interpretation with humor. Since then, many comedians began to assume the role of master of ceremonies in the so-called Spanish film festival. In addition, the night was perfect: she was nominated for best supporting actress for Why do they call it love when they mean sex? and took the award. Sardà repeated at the 1999 gala, where she was also nominated for The Girl of Your Eyes , but this time she was left without a prize. The third time was the charm again: his third nomination, in 2002, was for Sin shame . He returned to present the gala (and also direct it) . And he took it back.

As Maruja Torres wrote in EL PAÍS then , the presenter "did not disappoint." “La Sardá has managed to solidify a character that should be worth, one day, the Goya for the best presentation. She gets older and fussy in front of us, and she has absolutely great starts. " Although not everything was easy, as she herself told the Film Academy , always with her touch of humor: “Forget the glamor and the red carpet and the photoshop of the photocall . The raw and stark reality can only be explained with these words: directing the Goya for me was blood, sweat and tears ”. Sardà passed away last June, at the age of 78.

Antonio Resines, Maribel Verdú and Montserrat Caballé (2005)

Extraño combo formed Antonio Resines (who would be 10 years later president of the Film Academy), Maribel Verdú and the soprano Montserrat Caballé. However, they managed to conduct an agile gala that the public liked; in fact, it was the most watched so far, with more than 3.7 million viewers and a 24.5% audience share. Directed by Juan Luis Iborra, he said that "the idea that Montserrat Caballé was one of the presenters came from Resines." On the other hand, in 2006 with Resines and Concha Velasco the gala, which was the longest (until 2.30 am), lost a million spectators.

Resines remembered the Academy, on the occasion of the 30th awards, which he had had to present the first gala where the microphones were hidden when the speeches dragged on. “There is something important that unsettles, takes away the sleep and can make the most temperate presenter lose their nerves. The moment of gratitude ”, he recalled about the measure, which, he explained,“ was not, to put it mildly, excessively well received. ”

José Corbacho (2007 and 2008)

With José Corbacho the most humorous came to the Goya Irreverent, more disruptive and more acid than those seen in the awards ceremony of the cinema: to do everything, he disguised himself as Francisco de Goya. The humorist worked so well that, after filling the stage with parodies and laughter, he repeated a year later. "We do not expect Pedro Almodóvar, or José Luis Garci, or Woody Allen to come, who is now from Spanish cinema, but if it is necessary to look for them at home, I will," he said at the time. Curiously, TVE broadcast the 2008 gala with a half hour delay, something that, 13 years later, would not make sense given the immediacy of social networks, then in diapers.

When Corbacho remembered that for the Academy, he explained that many had told him that he was “a brown”, but that he found it a very fun and rewarding moment. "I am very satisfied (comedians also have our little hearts) to have opened a path, improved by those who came later, which has shown that galas do not have to be boring," he said.

Carmen Machi and Muchachada Nui (2009 / 2017)

Carmen Machi was still Aida, the character who made her famous for the homonymous series, when she presented the 2009 Goya Awards. She had just left Telecinco fiction, but her popular recognition came from there. "The goal is to entertain, spend a movie night and I plan to enjoy it," he said shortly before going on stage. To enjoy it, he was accompanied by the Muchachada Nui group: Ernesto Sevilla, Joaquín Reyes, Julián Gómez, Carlos Areces, Raúl Cimas, Pablo Chiapella, Aníbal Gómez), who gave the night a touch of madness and irreverence. Congresses of Madrid enjoyed the gala, but critics did not hesitate to call it long, heavy and not very nice . “Carmen Machi is not – it was presumed, now it is known – the ideal person to drive such a car. Or maybe […] It was irremediable, 10 minutes after the gala began yesterday, to think of Rosa Maria Sardà and even that Corbacho. It is not possible to present a three-hour show under the disguise of the racial and I shot it just because ”, read the chronicle of that night. Carlos Boyero stated : “My expectations that Aida has style, mental agility and grace leading such a transcendent gala quickly evaporate. The script that they have placed is very bad; the alleged humor and the jokes are harsh. ”

The“ chanantes ”, with Ernesto Sevilla and Joaquín Reyes, repeated in 2017. Their humor not suitable for all audiences made the criticism abundant, in a gala that was described as missing rhythm , with jokes that left more than a silence in the stalls. They, of course, took it with humor .

Eva Hache (2012 and 2013)

Comedian Eva Hache presented her Goya 2012 with up to six costume changes ; in 2013 he raised the stakes to seven . "It is not sewing and singing," he said hours before going on stage for the first time. “It is quite complicated. The Film Academy is made up of many people, everyone has a lot of opinion, as is logical, many have to be liked, and it is something very important: the annual festival of Spanish cinema ”. In 2012, he started with a musical performance full of actors such as Belén Rueda, Asier Etxeandía or Manuela Velasco. "The uninhibited and ironic girl does it well, she has rhythm and grace," Boyero wrote then.

For 2013, Eva Hache stated: “I think the 2012 gala went well, although the criticism is always fierce. We also have no choice but to improve it. I am a better person, I have one more year of life experience. If something is repeated it is for the better. I want us to laugh more. This year I want to be more fun ”. With José Ignacio Wert as minister in the stalls, Hache made people laugh again.

Dani Rovira (2015, 2016 and 2017)

Dani Rovira from Malaga is the only presenter who has hosted the Goya gala on three consecutive occasions. The first was in 2015, with an agile, fun gala that (almost) everyone liked. It was almost four hours, but the actor and comedian made them entertaining. He did not stop calling Minister Wert “Nacho”, tap dancing or even collecting his prize, in the purest Sardà style, for Eight Basque surnames.

The second, on the other hand, did not go so well, or its presenter did not experience it that way. The gala was agile and was seen by four million spectators, but the spark of the first was lacking. So disgusted was the presenter that even published a tweet where he said: "After all the criticism, contempt, insults, accusations and disappointments, I have to say that it was not worth presenting the Goya Awards." Social networks had been primed with him. But

came back one more time. And with humor, without being touched by a handful of anonymous critics. In 2017 he announced, between supposed visits to the psychologist, that he was returning. "Are you going to have the courage to criticize this little creature?" He wrote, along with a photo of him as a child. There, with more concise appearances, he dressed as Superman or planted some heels in a joke that he did not quite like.

Andreu Buenafuente (2010, 2011) and Silvia Abril (2019, 2020)

The good work of Andreu Buenafuente was demonstrated in 2010 and in 2011 with two galas in a row where he demonstrated humor and elegance. "Buenafuente safely stepped on the stage, made impeccable jokes and brought forth that poisoned candy, more because of the merciless gaze of the profession than because of the media repercussion, which the Spanish film awards ceremony has become," read the 2010 chronicles of that night . So much so that he repeated a year later

But the icing on the cake was put almost a decade later, when in 2019 he presented one of the most outrageous Goya that are remembered together with the comedian and actress Silvia Abril, to be exact his wife. As she herself recounted, it was the late president of the Academy , Yvonne Blake, who proposed it to her . That year they were considered one of the best of the gala (only overshadowed, perhaps, by Rosalía's Me stay with you ), the most watched of the decade, and few will forget their last number, where they ended up almost naked on the stage that he raised applause

Something that made them repeat in 2020, in a pre-pandemic party that was also one of the most watched of the decade. From her there were phrases to remember such as the one addressed to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, present in the stalls of Malaga, where the ceremony was held: “I don't know how to address you tonight, because the president is Barroso , Pedro is Almodóvar and the handsome one is Banderas ”. Malaga repeats, but they don't. This year it will be the turn of María Casado and Antonio Banderas from the Soho theater in a telematic gala without an audience. But where there will be, as always, humor. And criticism

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