The most popular facts and myths about the AKP

The most popular facts and myths about the AKP

Automatic boxes have been the subject of impersonal thoughts from the moment of their creation to the present day. What are some of them true, but what are some of them?

The most popular facts and myths about AKP

Before 1904, if the first automatic transmission was created, it is enough to talk about the number of additions and dossi. Virobniks, koristuvachs and autoslusars guess about them. From that hour, a lot of crazy thoughts about automatic transmissions appeared. Some will avenge a part of the truth, others are the result of pure malice from some stereotypes. Chi є automatic transmission is more resistant to vіdmov, like stench poured into vitratu paliva and skilki really koshtuє їх repairs? About this it is possible to recognize zі zmіstu tsієї stattі, which is reinforced by a bagataristic certificate of work in the field of automation of transport zabіv, and not sensitive, disbanding from the hour.

Emergency automatic transmissions, lower manual transmissions?< /p>

Denmark type of box is attached with a larger folding structure, lower is a manual twin. As a result, it may go out of tune more often. However, in practice, it is a stable attachment “with a great breakthrough”, passed by a virobnik. Like a creak, on the market, including emergency boxes, like a flash of neobov'yazkovo bathing.

On the other hand, the frequency of automatic transmission sightings can often be caused by incorrect adjustments when turning or towing, or due to the need for technical inspections, underfilling of oil and similar problems. It is necessary to remember that, when talking about the automatic transmission gearbox, the water guarantees that the work will work and the term of the service will be correct. >Experts categorically do not agree with this thesis, the shards of vitrata paliva cannot be deposited all the way through the gearbox. The machine can be indirectly pushed into the car by a car, as if it were an old one or it was not used well. Well, as you can see, for example, gearboxes with DSG or PDK sub-couplings can reduce the weight of the fire to a level matched with a mechanical gearbox. On the opinion of experts, the style of water, the weather, or the type of road surface can give a greater impact on the economy of water.

Automatic transmission repair expensive?

Automatic devices with an arc folding structure and without any components based on computers. Often the repair of automatic transmissions requires special knowledge of mechanics in the field of automation of transport facilities and a solid technical base. Therefore, the proposition about the repair of automatic transmission can be correct and correct. The cost of repairing an automatic transmission box can be 99 thousand rubles. Don't forget that an automatic transmission is good, as it victories up to the rules, serve for a long time.

An automatic transmission is for the line!

It is very important to someone that they are automatically recognized only for lazy people, who practically does not need to be seen. Automatic transmission, like and be-yak іnsha, vimagaє service. Prote in this weather it is reduced to a minimum for clear water. This is especially striking when traveling locally or in traffic jams on richly crowded streets. Tsіkavo, scho automatics can also improve the work of a lot of specialized, budіvelnyh chi industrial transport facilities and machines. You can use this thesis to be wrong and something evil.

Automatic transmission zmushuє vodiya vіdvikati vіd mekhanіnї box? at the manual transmission. As you can see, switching from the shortest to the most important, but in this case, it’s unlikely that one forgets about the mechanical gearbox to the mediocrity of the robot with the automatic gearbox. Deyakі speech zalyshayutsya in memory and sometimes seem to be only a small guess.

As you can see from the text more, automatic transmissions in transport facilities are neither filthy nor good outbuildings. Like everything else in the world, the stench can be like a win, so it’s not enough. Ale wins singsong more. The automatic transmission significantly improves comfort and efficiency when driving around the place. On the other hand, automatic transmission repairs can be quite expensive. Everything is deposited in water, even if only wine is guaranteed to be the correct choice and the trivalent term of service.