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The most popular European capitals for certification: which city leads the rating

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr12,2024

Most popular European capitals for certification: which city tops the rating

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Experts of the travel company Paris Ticket & Tours conducted research to determine the most romantic European capital. The main criterion was the number of hand and heart proposals made by lovers during a trip to the city last year.

According to a study, Lisbon has become the most popular European capital where lovers propose. The list was compiled based on the total number of hashtags on Instagram related to the declaration.

Lisbon took first place with 1,049,944 hashtags. The most popular places for a romantic event are the Portas do Sol observation deck and Belen Tower and Gardens.

London is in second place on the list.with 1,026,528 hashtags. The London Eye and Kyoto Gardens were recognized as the most romantic locations for a proposal in the capital of Great Britain.

The top three is rounded off by Paris with 1,011,970 hashtags. The iconic place to get married is definitely the Eiffel Tower, but couples also often get married on a romantic Seine river cruise.

Proposing abroad has always been a romantic and sought-after experience, and it's interesting to see which European capitals are the most popular. It is surprising that Paris is not at the top of the list, given the well-known association of the capital with romance, commented the list of tourism expert Magdalena Petrushich.

Full list of the most popular European capitals for proposals:

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  • Lisbon – 1,049,944 hashtags
  • London – 1,026,528 hashtags
  • Paris – 1,011,970 hashtags
  • Berlin – 549,300 hashtags< /li>
  • Andorra la Vella – 358,409 hashtags
  • Vienna – 318,054 hashtags
  • Madrid – 248,426 hashtags
  • Amsterdam – 189,113 hashtags
  • Oslo – 146,535 hashtags
  • Warsaw – 105,516 hashtags
  • According to Magdalena Petrushic, this study demonstrates how trends in social networks may affect the rating. It will be interesting to analyze which places these capitals will occupy in this list in a few years.

    The most popular European capitals for certification: which city leads the rating

    The most popular European capitals for certification/unsplash

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