The most polluted cities on our planet (PHOTO)

The most polluted cities on our planet (PHOTO)

Man is increasingly affecting the environment, and over the past 50-100 years, some cities have literally turned into accumulations of industrial and domestic waste. People living in them get sick much more often than others. We present you the 4 most polluted cities in the world, in which everything is very, very bad with the environment …



The most polluted cities on our planet (PHOTO)

Metallurgical complexes of the city poison the soil and air for hundreds of kilometers around.

By Chinese standards, Tianying is not a very large city – only about 800 thousand people live there. And more than a third of them are constantly observed by doctors who detect various serious diseases.

A large complex of metallurgical plants is concentrated on this territory, which poison not only the air and soil, but also human lives. More than half of China's lead is mined in Tianying.

On the poisoned soil, agricultural products grow, which are forbidden to be sold both domestically and exported. And the locals, so that their labors are not lost, feed on it. The government does not resolve this situation in any way and, in fact, deliberately poisons the population of the country.



The most polluted cities on our planet (PHOTOS)

Dzerzhinsk factories emit a huge amount of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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Dzerzhinsk is considered the most unfavorable city in terms of ecology. This happened partly because of the Soviet past – the soil of the city from the thirties to the nineties was actively saturated with tons of chemical waste.

The huge accumulation of several industrial complexes in one area also affects. Near the city is one of the largest landfills where local enterprises dump their waste.

And the air contains a huge amount of chemical elements, whose indicators exceed the norm not even a hundred, but a thousand times! The average life expectancy in the city is only 45 years (which is 1.5 years lower in Russia as a whole).



The most polluted cities on our planet (PHOTOS)

Another one Chinese city, which in all world lists of polluted areas has been in the lead for quite a long time. And despite the fact that in ancient times the capital of China was located here, today it is the most poisoned point on the planet.

Due to the fact that there is no natural gas in the country, and it is expensive to buy it, coal is the main fuel in China. Linfeng has the largest number of resource mines. And coal is produced here for almost the entire country.

There is practically nothing to breathe here, people wear masks and respirators. The air contains a large concentration of ash, carbon monoxide, arsenic and lead.


The most polluted cities on our planet (PHOTOS)

Cylinders with pure oxygen are often sold in Linfeng and other cities in China. And people are actively buying them.

Plus, the chemical industry is still very developed here. Every day, so many harmful substances are thrown into the air that the sky is instantly covered with poisonous vapors that do not let in sunlight.

In this region, 3 million people are subject to serious illnesses. The government is thinking of correcting the situation and closing several mines, but this is unlikely to change anything.