The most important tomb with jewelry and a harem found in Germany in the last 40 years

The most important tomb with jewelry and a harem found in Germany in the last 40 years

In Germany, during excavations, the tomb of a German lord or prince, who lived 1500 years ago, was found. The remains of women and a large amount of jewelry were also found. The discovery is considered the most important in the last 40 years.

Most important tomb with jewels and harem found in Germany in 40 years

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The find was revealed during construction work on the land, which was planned to be used for a poultry farm. The grave, investigated by researchers, most likely belongs to a rich man, but his remains have not yet been found. Experts believe that the ashes are in a bronze cauldron in the center of the tomb, which measures approximately 4 by 4 meters. At the moment, it has been sent to the laboratory for analysis.

When the tomb was discovered, the cauldron was surrounded by the remains of six women, who were buried in a clockwise direction. Experts say that they were either concubines or widows. However, it is not clear whether they were killed for burial or whether they independently made the decision to sacrifice themselves. The skeletons of 11 animals were also identified, including cattle, horses and dogs. Outside the boundaries of the “main” tomb, another 60 other graves were found. Scientists tentatively date this place between 480 and 530 AD, when the fall of the Roman Empire took place, the Germanic tribes invaded territories not under the protection of Rome.

Also, experts found a glass decorated bowl, silver gilded clothes clips, an iron sword and shield, and a gold coin belonging to the Eastern Roman emperor Zeno circa 480.

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