The most common symptoms of the Delta variant

September 5, 2021 by archyde

Because of the expansion of the Delta variant of COVID-19 it is important to recognize the most common symptoms that differentiate this strain from the previous ones. Since its appearance, the alarm level has increased for this variant due to its higher percentage of infection.

Different studies indicate that the Delta variant produces symptoms different from others strains, which initially misled doctors, although currently it is an advantage to identify it. Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, is the director of one of these investigations.

Spector assured that the Delta variant causes more mucus and a sore throat, at the same time that less coughing and loss of smell. For this research, the study zoe, which consists of a mobile application where thousands of COVID-19 patients have described their symptoms in detail.

From highest to lowest frequency, the most common symptoms in the Delta variant were: Headache, sore throat, runny nose and mucus, fever, and cough. It should be noted that this study has not been validated by various medical institutions nor has it been published in scientific journals.


People may think they are just having a seasonal cold and continue attending parties, where they can infect around six people, “explained Spector in a video collected by the BBC.

Since its appearance, the greater infectious capacity of the Delta variant has been alerted, around 64% more transmissible than the British (Alpha). In addition, the public health agency Public Health England (PHE) stated that it currently represents almost 100% of infections in the UK; while in the United States its emergence has raised hospitalization rates alarmingly.

Likewise, the PHE revealed patients vaccinated with Pfizer/BionTech enjoy a 96% protection against hospitalizations due to this variant; ahead of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine, with a total of 92%. For its part, the Russian center Gamaleya assured that the Sputnik V it is “the most effective” against the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

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