The most affordable iPhone 6S record dropped in price

The most affordable iPhone 6S recently the record has fallen in price. He was the most “old”, but actual in the line of cupertinos. Device support for five years. There is information that soon the device will update to iOS 14.

Самый доступный iPhone 6S рекордно снизился в цене

In 2015, when the presentation of the iPhone 6S, the cost of the device has reached 57 thousand rubles. Now the minimum price of a smartphone fell below 20 thousand rubles. In many stores the device sold at great discounts.

the iPhone 6S has a good Retina display in a compact body, decent camera for this price segment. As a smartphone for many years, the stores gradually reduce prices to sell existing inventory.

Experts note that the market price decreases for other goods. For the price of a five-year iPhone 6S available current smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. The device boasts a large screen and camera 64 MP. Relatively inexpensive A51 smartphone Galaxy offers Samsung. The device has AMOLED screen, fingerprint sensor and optimum performance. In terms of sales it is popular not only in Russia but also the world.

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