The model split the gray elephant: showing the “fifth point”

The model split the gray elephant: showing the “fifth point”

Model Megan Milan saw the Chia Lai Orchid Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, if the hollow elephant stared at her back and fell on her

Model broke up the playful elephant: showing її “p’dot”

Latest post Megan Milan posted on her TikTok account.

The incident happened when model Megan Milan saw Chia Lai Orchid, an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on the cob of this month.

The three-legged elephant seemed to move closer to her, and it was clear that he had come close to her, first to lower his back її back and pull її down, exposing її white thongs.

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Grayly the elephant split the model: showing її “p’dot”

The elephant pulled Megan's back and exposed her white thongs

But the creature did not end, the shards continued to follow and fall on her beast, thinking that the stench was playing at the group at once.

Zreshta, the playful little one was sipped on yoga “by the older sister”, as she clearly believed that there was enough fun for one day.

Grayly elephant split model: showing її “p’yato dot”

Elephant pulling Megan's back down and falling on it

Megan didn't wind up the volutes of a wild elephant, and she felt smіh in the frames, which were published on TikTok and got more than 90,000 likes and 12 million views .

TikToker, which is published like @megan.milan, writing on the clip: “Axis of the video, as everyone asked, lol. Insanely more”.

Grayly elephant split model: showing її “p’yatu full stop”

Elephant pulling Megan's back off and falling on her

Її 256,000 subscribers were hysterical through the clip, and one wrote: “Lmao, vin saying: “I'm ready to grati&#8221 ;.