The minor, who turned seven this Sunday, gave his father a gift instead of receiving it.

The minor, who turned seven this Sunday, gave his father a gift instead of receiving it.

Through her Instagram account, Antonela Roccuzzo dedicated a sweet message to her son Mateo for his birthday.

In addition to a publication with some nice words, the businesswoman also included a retro photo of when the child was a baby. As expected, his intervention in networks did not go unnoticed at all and generated many interactions.

Lionel Messi, scammed?: he bought a millionaire mansion that Lionel Messi would not have a license, after Cristiano Ronaldo's mark in the Champions < p class="content" id="p701901-m878-3-879">Due to the great fame of Lionel Messi, both his life and that of his family is very high profile. Beyond the sporting aspect where the star trains with Paris Saint-Germain and prepares for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year, the personal aspect also generates a lot of interest.

In this context, both he and Antonela share a lot of material about them and their children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro on their social networks. This time, this Sunday was the birthday of the couple's middle child. Born in 2015, he is now seven years old and his mother did not miss the opportunity to express all her love for him with a heartfelt message on Instagram.

And the most striking of all was the decoration chosen by the youngest for your birthday party.

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Son of tiger…

The minor, who turned seven this Sunday, gave a gift to his dad instead of receiving it.

As seen in the publication of Messi's wife, Mateo chose a decoration from the Argentine National Team.

In the records of the moment, all his brothers are seen proudly carrying the albiceleste.

Of course, the minors, with their father's '10'.

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