The Ministry of Foreign Affairs investigated Marin and Niinistö's attention value in the world

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Research: “Most of Marin's visibility has been neutral, but according to the report, no less than a quarter of the international visibility has been clearly positive in terms of Finland's image”.

Foreign Minister's study at the world's attention-value of Marin and Niinist

President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) At the Munich Security Conference last February. Henri Kärkkäinenmika.koskinen@iltalehti.fiToday at 15:04

The annual review of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UM) also presents a study commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' landscape unit and produced by Prime Minister Sanna Marini (sd) on Finland's international visibility. Studies show that the importance of well-known people to the image of the country is central, and the attention Marin receives from the image of the country is very extensive.

According to the study, Marin has been mentioned in the last three years in connection with Finland or Finnishness in foreign media about 195,000 times. times.

President Sauli Niinistö, who produced the second highest visibility in Finland, was mentioned approximately 156,400 times in the same period.

The analysis carried out by Meltwater shows that the Marin news coverage has reached a large number of audiences compared to political publicity. outside: about a fifth of the news with the highest visibility is related to other than traditional political topics.

Most of Marin's visibility has been neutral, but according to the report, a quarter of the international visibility has been clearly positive in terms of Finland's image. In particular, Finland's equality, education and equal opportunities have been brought up positively.

The 2023 annual overview of the landscape also brings up Finland's talent attraction as a special theme. Studies of talent attraction show that Finland's starting points are above the average of OECD countries.

A recent OECD report says that Finland is the most attractive for entrepreneurs when comparing different skill groups. Depending on the indicator, Finland ranks among the 8–16 best countries when looking at the strengths and weaknesses of talent attraction. Finland ranks best in measures related to family life and quality of life. Finland gets the lowest scores in the income level of university students and taxation.

The image of Finland strengthened

According to the landscape survey, the image of Finland has strengthened during 2022. Compared to the previous year, Finland has risen from 41st place to 35th place among 121 countries.

However, good reputation is still Finland's strongest area: this year, Finland is in 13th place after rising three places.

Perceptions of Finland have become more positive in many respects, but the lines of opinion led by Russia's war of aggression have also created a split in attitudes.

– At the same time that Sweden has warmed to Finland's common NATO – process in a new way, Russians' traditionally very positive views of Finland have tightened. The same dividing line can also be seen, for example, in the brightened image of Finland in the United States and in more polarized assessments in China and India, the study states.

Foreign Minister examined the attention-value of Marin and Niinistö in the world