Finance Ministry to hold auctions on placement of OFZ 29023, 26237 and 52004 from IFX on December 7

Moscow. December 6. RUSBONDS.RU – On December 7, the Ministry of Finance of Russia will hold auctions for the sale of OFZ-PD series 26237 and OFZ-IN series 52004 in the volume of balances available for placement in each issue, as well as OFZ-PK series 29023, the Ministry of Finance said.

Series 29023 bonds maturing on August 23, 2034 have 47 quarterly coupon periods, the date of payment of the 1st coupon is March 8, 2023. The calculation of interest rates of coupons 1-47 and the corresponding coupon yields is based on the average value of RUONIA rates for the current coupon period with a small “technical” time lag of seven calendar days, that is, they are determined at the end of the current coupon period (for previous issues of OFZ- PC rates were calculated on the basis of the expired coupon period and were known before the start of the coupon period – IF).

Series 26237 bonds maturing on March 14, 2029 have 15 semi-annual coupon periods and the first coupon period is 98 days, the payment date 4th coupon income – March 22, 2023. The coupon rate is set at 6.7% per annum (1st coupon – 17.99 rubles per bond and 2-16th coupons – 33.41 rubles per bond).

Bonds of series 52004 with with maturity on March 17, 2032 have 20 semi-annual coupon periods and the first coupon period – 203 days, the date of payment of the 3rd coupon yield is March 29, 2023. The coupon yield rate for the entire period of circulation is set at 2.5% per annum (the monetary value of coupons will be determined as the face value is indexed).


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