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The Ministry of Digital has prepared a “White Book” on the future regulation of AI in Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

The Ministry of Digital has prepared a "White book" on the future regulation of AI in Ukraine


The Ministry of Digital Transformation has developed a “White Book” on the future regulation of artificial intelligence in Ukraine. This is a document that describes in detail the approach to implementation and the successive steps for its implementation.

With its help, companies will be able to understand how to prepare for the implementation of legislation in the field of AI. This was reported by the ministry's press service.

The Ministry of Digitization has chosen a “soft approach to the establishment of AI regulation in Ukraine, which will be based on the bottom-up principle.” First, companies will be prepared for the requirements.

At the next stage, they plan to synchronize Ukrainian legislation with EU legislation. The White Paper provides specific tools, “part of which businesses can use now.”

Any sudden moves to innovate can slow down the industry. That is why we have chosen a soft approach to establishing regulation in Ukraine, which will be based on the bottom-up principle: first we prepare companies for the requirements, and then we pass a law similar to the European AI Act. At the first preparatory stage, businesses will receive tools from the state that will help them prepare in advance for future legislation, said Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Oleksandr Bornyakov.

The state will provide companies with general and sectoral recommendations for various areas and aspects of the use of AI: from education and journalism to advice on processing personal data. They also plan to create voluntary codes of conduct, a legal assistance platform for businesses, and a regulatory sandbox for startups. The Ministry of Digital will develop a web portal of responsible AI, where such tools will be collected and integrated.

Unilateral regulation (restriction) of the use of AI in the field of defense at the level of national legislation will only put our country in a less advantageous position compared with an aggressor who will not introduce similar regulation, says the White Book.

Ukrainian companies will be able to become more competitive and enter international markets, the ministry notes. For citizens, “there will be a safe digital environment where human rights are protected from the risks of AI”.

Experts from various fields were involved in the development of the document – the public sector, business, representatives of state bodies, and the scientific community.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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