The Ministry of Defense will conduct an audit and apply to the SBU because of the scandalous publication on procurement for the army

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The Ministry of Defense will check and contact the SBU because of the scandalous publication about procurement for the army

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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine responded to media reports about the purchase of products for the military at allegedly inflated prices. They said that they had already initiated an inspection and appealed to the SBU to investigate this case.

“Information about the content of the procurement of food services, which have become widespread in the public space, is being disseminated with signs of deliberate manipulation and misleading,” – the department said.

They said that on Saturday, January 21, Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov personally addressed the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, Alexander Zavitnevich, with a request to immediately hold a meeting of the Committee and hear comprehensive information about the procedure, circumstances and results of the purchase of food services for military personnel for 2023 with the participation of representatives of the NABU and the SBI.

"The Ministry of Defense is preparing materials for the Security Service of Ukraine in order to conduct an investigation into the dissemination of deliberately false information that harms the interests of defense in a special period", – the message says.

According to the Ministry of Defense, these materials, which caused a wide resonance, are already being checked. 

“Regarding the process and results of the procurement of catering services, an internal review will also be carried out. In case of violations in the activities of officials of the Ministry of Defense, they will be held liable according to the law”, – noted in the department.

The Ministry of Defense promises to publish more detailed information about this following the results of the corresponding meeting of the Committee, tentatively, this may happen as early as Monday, January 23.

BAGNET recalls that on January 21, information was massively circulated in the media that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was allegedly purchasing food products for military personnel at two -three times more expensive than prices in the shops of the capital.

According to journalists, they allegedly received a copy of the agreement of the Ministry of Defense on the purchase of food for more than 13 billion hryvnias.

According to this, Marianna Bezugla, Deputy Head of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, announced that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense was summoned to the Verkhovna Rada.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga 

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