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The Ministry of Defense launches the “Reserve+” mobile application: for whom it will be relevant

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

The Ministry of Defense launches the mobile application

"Reserve+"/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

On May 18, the updated law on mobilization enters into force. From today, within 60 days, all men aged 18-60 must update their credentials.

The Ministry of Defense is launching the “Reserve+” mobile application for conscripts, conscripts and reservists. It will be possible to update the credentials.

During the data update, a referral to the VLK will not be issued. Such a referral can be issued if necessary later.

Data can be updated online through the “Reserve+” application. It will be available for download on smartphones through the App Store and Google Play Market. from May 18.

On May 18, the Ministry of Defense will launch, as defined by the current law, the electronic office of a conscript… Now this application is literally being created, and we are receiving all the necessary documents to make it available to all our citizens, – noted the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for Digital Development, of digital transformations and digitization Kateryna Chernogorenko.

The application provides the possibility of prompt updating of data and access to information in the “Oberig” registry. This is a convenient way to perform the mandatory procedure for updating personal data.

From June 18, a QR code will also appear in the “Reserve+” application, after scanning which relevant representatives of the authorities will be able to instantly receive information about the status of a conscript, conscript or reservist.

As a matter of fact, from May 18, conscripts will be required to register their data, namely, phone number, e-mail and actual address of residence in three available formats – in the TCC and SP, through TsNAP or through the electronic account of the conscript. This will be a mobile application, it can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Market… We are working on making this very simple and convenient function available in the application – to log in, fill in these three “fields” and immediately receive information from the database of military personnel connected “Oberig” in order to check what data is on you in the register, said the Deputy Minister of Defense.

Data can also be updated offline at the Territorial Procurement Centers or Centers for the Provision of Administrative Services, which operate on throughout the country.

How the Reserve+ application works, see in the video:

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