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The Ministry of Defense debunked the 5 most common fakes about the Reserve+ application

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul6,2024

>> about the Reserve+/Reserve+ application

After launching the Reserve+ application, some Ukrainians are afraid to use it to update their data. Sometimes they do it offline due to the spread of fake information.

This is reported by the publication “RBK-Ukraine” with reference to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Kateryna Chernogorenko. She debunked the 5 most common fakes about Reserve+.

According to her, the Ministry of Defense has identified five main fears that concern Ukrainian men regarding the Rezerv+ application.

1. The military registration document in Rezerv+ has no value

Chernogorenko noted that the documents generated by Rezerv+ are equivalent to a military ticket and a temporary ID, the same as those issued by the National Security Agency. You can even cross the border with these documents.

2. “Wanted” status due to data updates

According to Chernogorenko, the “wanted” status appears not because of data updates, but because the person did not appear on a summons to the TCC. The application allows you to find out about such a status online.

3. The possibility of data theft in Rezerv+

Chernogorenko emphasized that the application has passed all the necessary security checks and does not store data on its own servers, but only displays information from the Oberig registry. Only authorized bodies have access to this database.

4. Electronic subpoenas

Chernogorenko assured that electronic subpoenas in Reserve+ are not provided for by legislation, and therefore they cannot be there.

5. Geolocation tracking

Chernogorenko noted that rumors about geolocation tracking are false. Users can independently verify that Reserve+ does not have access to geodata.

The main function of the Reserve+ application – this is a military registration update online. It was launched after men aged 18 to 60 were told to update their details by July 16.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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