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The Minister of Defense of Greece advocated further development of the country's air defense

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr21,2024

Minister Defense Minister of Greece advocated the further development of the country's air defense system

The Minister of Defense of Greece Nikos Dendias stated the need to strengthen the country's air defense in light of the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine and the conflict in the Middle East.

About this is what “European Truth” writes, reports Ekathimerini.

The minister made his statement after the conclusion of the Iniochos 2024 multinational air exercises.

Eight countries, except Greece, participated in the 10-day exercise : Cyprus, France, Montenegro, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Greek civil and military authorities said that despite the presence of a Greek frigate in the Red Sea, they were confident that Greece will avoid deep involvement in the wider Middle East conflict

Nikos Dendias said the war in Ukraine and the recent conflict in the Middle East made him realize that Greece needs to develop an air defense dome to protect itself from planes and drones.< /p>

Turkey has moved further along this path, he added.

Dendias also stated that Greece plans to develop an air defense system similar to Israel's “Iron Dome” aimed at protecting the country from threats from air.

At the beginning of April, Dendias spoke about plans to modernize the structure of the Armed Forces, as well as intentions to update the fighter fleet.

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