The Minister of Agriculture asked farmers for help to lower the price of meat: “We need to solve this problem”

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Minister Cecilia López pointed out as a food safety issue the extra cost that this product of the family basket has had of 25% of its value compared to the from a year ago

The Minister of Agriculture asked farmers for help to lower the price of meat: “We need to solve this problem”

Cecilia López, Minister of Agriculture. (Colprensa – Álvaro Tavera).

At the Puerta de Oro Caribbean Convention Center in the city of Barranquilla, the 39th version of the National Cattlemen's Congress was held, there were figures such as President Gustavo Petro, representatives of the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen Fedegán and members of the ministry of Agriculture.

Precisely from there, Minister Cecilia López indicated the need to take measures regarding the inflation that the cost of meat has suffered at a national level, emphasizing that it has had a a 25% increase in its value compared to a year ago, so it is a necessity that together with the farmers, solutions be found to curb the accelerated inflation.

“< i>For the good of livestock, for the good of the export possibilities of the cattle and dairy sector, and for the good of the Colombian population we need to solve this problem. In terms of food security, we cannot allow those who want to eat meat to have to face a price increase of this nature”, commented the head of the Agriculture portfolio.

Minister Cecilia López indicated that meat is the product that has risen the most in cost, so it is necessary to seek solutions to the problem, in the same way she stressed that within the goals of the productive management plan for the livestock sector, there is the increase in national production of the dairy chain as well as beef.

The productive system that is proposed in the ordering plan is part of the public policy of the sector for the next 20 years; there is a policy for the meat and dairy sector. It has already been designed and it is going to start with clear goals such as increased productivity in milk and meat”, he pointed out at the National Congress of Livestock Farmers.

From the Ministry of Agriculture, it was mentioned that for the fulfillment of the goals in the national territory there are '10 regions and 30 dairy subregions as a production cluster that represent the production of 437 municipalities', while the meat industry They are made up of six regions.

In this regard, the technical manager of Fedegán, José de Silvestri, explained that the issue of cost overruns is caused by an increase in inputs: “The situation arises that when the price of products falls, there are no changes in the final price to the consumer and always stays on top”.

Cattle and livestock industry

In the midst of commemorating his first 100 days in the country's administration, Gustavo Petro, from the Casa de Nariño, spoke of how positive it would be for the country to reopen municipal slaughterhouses. According to him, this would reduce meat costs. The proposal was well received by some industry spokespersons, who argued the reasons why this would be a good idea. The ranchers of Norte de Santander were one of the main ones to refer to it.

We welcome this proposal by President Gustavo Petro and we hope that it can materialize, this would allow some costs to be lowered, we in the region see shortcomings in the municipalities that have slaughterhouses that do not meet the specifications, we would also ask the government to also open the fairgrounds that are necessary for cattle to arrive from other regions”, said the spokesman for that industry in that part of the country, Anastasio Ramírez, a cattle breeder from the region and co-founder of the North Santander Coganort Cattlemen's Committee, before Caracol Radio.