The Millionaires player has two sanction dates. 

The Millionaires player has two sanction dates. 

The expulsion of Juan Carlos Pereira put Millionaires in check in the second leg of the semifinal of the Copa Colombia, against Independiente Medellín. However, the blue players and DT Alberto Gamero knew how to rethink the game and go from 0-2 to 2-2, to advance to the final of the tournament.

The Championship Disciplinary Committee sanctioned Pereira with two dates of suspension, which, in theory, would take him out of the final against Junior, which will be played on September 28 and November 2.

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However , Millionaires could use a regulatory resource to qualify Pereira, at least for the first game, in Barranquilla.

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The Blues are doing the paperwork to hire a chartered flight to bring Andrés Llinás and Álvaro Montero to the country, summoned to the Colombian National Team for the friendly matches against Guatemala and Mexico.

But Millonarios has another representative in national teams, central defender Juan Pablo Vargas, who is in South Korea with Costa Rica, to face the local team and Uzbekistan.

The Millionaires Player has two sanction dates. 

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Vargas fails to return for the first leg of the Cup final, which opens the window to enable Pereira and that he can perform in the first leg of the final, according to journalist Diego Rueda, from VBar Caracol.

This being the case, Millonarios would only have one loss from his usual formation, that of Vargas, for the first leg match against Junior, and would have a month to prepare Pereira's replacement in the final game.

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