The Millionaires bar is still waiting for the grandstand to be enabled.

The Millionaires bar is still waiting for the grandstand to be enabled.

The Comandos Azules, Millionaires bar, are still waiting for authorization to return to the north side grandstand of the El Campín stadium, but this request could take longer.

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Although it has been speculated that the bar could make its return to the stands in the match against Jaguaresfrom date 8 of the League, next week, this idea is practically ruled out.

Currently, the north side stand is known as the family stand, so the bar does not have access to that location, where it was located in previous years.

For now they would not return

 The Millionaires bar is still waiting for the grandstand to be enabled.

Last week there was a new meeting of the District Football Commission, in the that several issues were put on the table, such as the request of the bar to return to the north side.

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However, as EL TIEMPO learned unofficially, the answer for now is negative. This is due to the fact that the grandstand is committed as a family area, that is to say that there are commitments made with subscriptions for that location and even commercial and social commitments. In addition, the Committee is still evaluating the relevance of authorizing this possibility.

The decision would be to not allow, at least for this semester, the return of Commandos to said platform.

Yes they are evaluating making some pilots, but these are yet to be confirmed. From the outset, that return in the game against Jaguares would be ruled out, as was said on social networks.

In fact, a few weeks ago it became known that the District Recreation and Sports Institute had given the club the green light so that fans could be transferred from the stands.

The bar is prohibited from entering the north, so it has had to share space with the other organized fans, Blue Rain.

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