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The millennium may bring about the appearance of a new airport in Crete

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

In a thousand years, a new airport may appear in Crete

At the top of the hill in Crete revealed new a giant round spore whose age is estimated at 4000 years. It came as a surprise to archaeologists and posed a threat to the existence of a new airport on the island, reports

The Greek Ministry of Culture stated that this dispute is “a unique and highly significant discovery " The Minoan civilization of Kryta, under its luxurious fingers, is adorned with mysticism and a mysterious writing system. The area of ​​the ruins of the labyrinth is equal to square meters; when looking at the animal, it smells like a giant car wheel.

This place was designated for a radar station to serve the new airport, which will be located near the town of Castelli. This expansion is planned for 2027. Came to the same, the vin is the other for the size of the Aeroport of the Greziya in the Iraklion, that the retaining of the service is up to 18 milions, the mandrivnikiv Shorto. It is still impossible to relate them to the well-known Minoan spores. It is clear that they could have been used for ritual or religious functions.

It was sharpened with very stepped stone walls, up to 1.7 meters high, the internal structure was divided into smaller spaces. It is also possible that there is a small shallow end.

The ministry’s statement shows that it was not vikorized as a living thing, but in the middle a large number of brushes of creatures were revealed.

« її They were periodically used for ritual ceremonies, which included drinking, wine and possibly offerings. Its size, architectural planning and daily routine required a significant amount of specialized know-how and reliable centralized administration,” — go to the application.

Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni said that the discovery should be saved and a different location should be chosen for the radar station.

The ministry has announced that the dispute is worse was vikorized between 2000 and 1700 years before our eri. The vault was founded during the period when the first palaces of Crete were in existence, including at Knossos and Festi.

Some features can be compared with the early vulture tombs, topped with steps, final buildings and mounds in other parts of Greece.< /p>

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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