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Military began to independently manufacture anti-drone protection for the

The number of drones on the front is increasing, which leads to the loss of equipment. Unfortunately, there are certain successes in this direction and the opponent, who is increasingly using barrage ammunition and FPV drones. And no single solution to countermeasures has yet been found. Therefore, the military independently invents defenses that would make it possible to protect or minimize the consequences of hits. Here is one of them.

The photo shows the result of the work of the soldiers of one of the artillery units of the 47th separate artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.– gun protection system against unmanned enemy barrage munitions. The guys decided to call this project “HARKONNEN”, it took a lot of effort and time, but the result is already impressive and justifies all the efforts.

For now, this is an experimental protection that is not installed at the manufacturing plant. But this experience can be useful for the protection of equipment in other directions.

In turn, we see that the enemy does not stand still and many of his equipment are already protected by “grills” or grates. And it becomes more difficult to hit them with an ordinary drone.

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