The midfielder's first game in the Greek club. 

The midfielder's first game in the Greek club. 

It's time for the premiere.James Rodríguez, recently arrived in Greece, put on the Olympiacos jersey 10 for his official debut, this Sunday in the Greek league, although his team lost 2-1.

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James' game

James surprised by appearing in the team's starting lineup for the away game against Aris, on the fifth round of Greek football .

Olympiacos began winning with a goal from Masoura, at minute 15 of the first half.

However, in the second half, and when James was no longer on the pitch, the local team turned the score around, with goals from Mancini (31 ST) and Palma (34 ST).

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Midfielder's first game in the greek club. 

James played in the offensive zone, more thrown to the right zone of his team's attack and through the center. He owned the ball quietly, but in general he did not have much participation. He is still in the mating stage with his new teammates, who nevertheless tried to look for him to give him the ball.

At minute 70, when his team was winning, the coach decided to make changes and the Colombian was replaced. Instantly the goals of the rival arrived.

James did not score, he had no assists. He made a shot outside the goal. He had a key pass and an 88% pass rate from him. In total, 38 ball touches were recorded.

He did not receive fouls, but he did commit two infractions, according to data from the portal 365 scores.

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