The meteorite has revealed underground water

The meteorite has revealed underground water

Underground water has been detected in a meteorite

Photo: com/storyMeteorite that fell near the Great Britain

The first known carbonaceous chondrite, revealed near the Great Britain for 30 years.

The meteorite that fell near the Great Britain, the first in history, revealed subterranean water. A cosmic body sank into the footpath in the town of Winchcombe near Gloucestershire in the fierce past fate and, like respecting science, to avenge hints about those stars that water took in the oceans of the Earth, support Sky News.


Behind the words of a scholar from the group of planetary materials at the Museum of Natural History Yeshlі King, about 12% of the history is accumulated from water .

“Warehouse tієї more water and more similar to the warehouse of water in the earth's oceans. This is really a good proof that asteroids and bodies, like Winchcomb, made an important deposit in the oceans of the Earth & # 8221;, & # 8211; said out to the British Science Festival.

So the wife explained that the shards of the meteorite were vagago pіvkіlograma buv vytyagnuty shvidko, about 12 years old, not bogged down by water and materials on Earth.

“We are constantly hiring a warehouse for water meteorites and other underground materials with a warehouse for water on Earth. For most meteorites, the problem lies in the fact that the stench is simply delusional, although we know from Winchcombe that it is not deluded, that is a good proof. One of the great nutritions, like we have in the sciences about the planets, is based on the fact that the water on the Earth came from the stars? or through comets, for some rich ice, or through asteroids & # 8221;, & # 8211; added out.

Science explained that the data, taken from early missions to comets, testify about those that the storage of their ice is badly consistent with the storage of water on Earth, adding: It can mean that asteroids – carbonaceous asteroids – ymovirno were the main dzherel of the lead for the internal Sonyachnaya system, for the Earth.

having settled close to 4.6 billion rocks, I needed close to 300,000 rocks to reach the Earth. It is the first known carbonaceous chondrite, which has been observed in Great Britain for 30 years.

It is significant that there are about 65 thousand meteorites on Earth.