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The MES has changed the rules for admission to postgraduate studies in 2024: they will not have armor

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

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Against the background of a rapid increase in the number of male entrants to post-graduate studies of conscription age, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has changed the admission rules. Radio Maximum talks about the details of the update in a new material.

The head of the MES Oksen Lisovyi announced the changes. They are provided for by the Procedure for admission to study for bachelor's, master's, doctor of philosophy/doctor of arts degrees in 2024.

Also, they act on the basis of a special order of the Ministry of Education and Culture, adopted on the basis of special powers granted by the Law “On Education” on period of martial law

It is no secret that in the last two years, the number of male students of draft age who suddenly remembered that they need a second or third higher education, postgraduate or doctoral studies, has grown rapidly. The thirst for knowledge is wonderful. Dummy training – no. Therefore, we are changing the rules for admission to graduate school in 2024, – wrote Minister of Education Oksen Lisovyi.

According to him, before the start of the full-scale war, about 7-8 thousand people entered graduate school every year (both budget and contract), this last year, 246,189 people registered to take the EVI – a mandatory test for admission to graduate school.

79% of them are men, among whom almost half apply for admission to graduate school. And to be more specific – 91,561 people of conscription age, the minister added.

Therefore, in 2024, the Ministry of Education and Culture canceled admission to full-time study under a contract and adjusted the rules for resuming studies in postgraduate studies.

Admission to graduate studies this year will be exclusively state-ordered, while budget places will be doubled to enable anyone who actually wants to get a PhD (and not just avoid being mobilized through graduate school) to do so with full support from the state. – the ministry informed, clarifying that admission to postgraduate studies under the contract this year will be possible only in correspondence and evening forms.

The MES notes that the EVI (unified entrance exam) is kept for all postgraduate applicants , but the weight of its components changes during the calculation of the competitive score.

In particular, with regard to the EVI in the part of a foreign language, the applicant's score may not be taken into account in the competitive score during admission to graduate school – this will be decided at the discretion of the institution/institution , which can take into account a foreign language exam or set your own exam.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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