The mental health of Canadians particularly bad in early December

The mental health of Canadians particularly bad in early December

The mental health of Canadians was particularly bad as it began December, shows the most recent edition of the Mental Health Index developed by the firm Morneau Shepell released Wednesday.

According to this tool, mental health was 11.8 points below the pre-pandemic baseline established using data collected from 2017 to 2019. This is the lowest level recorded since April, when the The index was 11.7 points below the benchmark.

Quebec, with an index 12 points below the benchmark, was slightly worse off than the national average. However, it was in Manitoba and Alberta that the mental health of citizens suffered the most as it entered December.

It should be remembered that at that time, these two Prairie provinces were at the heart of a second particularly striking wave in the West. The governments of Manitoba and Alberta were then forced to impose health measures that they had been able to avoid since the start of the pandemic, measures which have borne fruit and made it possible to break the second wave on their territory. .

In addition to the second wave, the approach of the holidays and all the questions about the gatherings could also have influenced the mental health of Canadians at the time of the probe conducted by Morneau Shepell. Moreover, 26% of respondents to the study said they were more stressed at the beginning of December than during the previous month.

“Given the recent increase in cases in several regions of the country and the resulting restrictions, the pressure will continue to be felt,” said Morneau Shepell in his report.

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