“The Masked Singer” is getting shorter: ProSieben is now responding to fan criticism

“The Masked Singer” is getting shorter: ProSieben is now responding to fan criticism

Matthias Opdenhövel will host “ The  Masked Singer” again this year. Image: ProSieben / Willi Weber

ProSieben reacts to fan criticism: “ The  Masked Singer” is getting shorter

 The  Masked Singer” is one of the most popular formats on German television, but one point of criticism of the show has recently become louder:

 The  individual shows just take too long, especially since the time slot is Tuesday evening and is therefore in the middle of the week.

 The  finale of the third season, for example, lasted until 12:30 a.m., which is simply uncomfortable for viewers who have obligations the next morning.

But that’s exactly what ProSieben reacts to in season four, as Daniel Rosemann now announced in a virtual press conference.

 The  consequences will be shorter and therefore more employee-friendly.

ProSieben shortens “

 The  Masked Singer”

Rosemann explained that the decision was a direct consequence of the audience feedback and stated: “Part of our job is to listen to our viewers. A clear wish was: Don’t do a show until midnight if I have to work on Wednesday. So the shows will be shorter this year. “

But how exactly will the next Tuesday evenings be on the station?

 The  station boss also provides information on this:

 The  whole “Masked Singer” block including “red” should be over by 11.30 p.m.

 The n “Late Night Berlin” begins with Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. Incidentally, Rosemann notes that this must also be the case, after all, a real late night show has to start before midnight anyway.

ProSieben boss reassures fans

Since “Masked Singer” is purged, the question naturally arises as to where exactly the broadcaster compromises. Could the quality of the program suffer from the decision? Rosemann confirms: “It won’t do any harm to the show. We have developed a great dramaturgy.”

However, he could not say whether there would be less advertising than before, since he had “not measured it”. Allegedly, however, it was checked “where lengths are” and responded accordingly. Many fans have also complained in the past about the frequent and extensive advertising. So the question now arises as to whether the “right” places were really screwed on.

In conclusion, the station boss reiterates:

 The  fun of the show and the guessing game and the appearances and everything that goes with it will not be missing on Tuesday and yet we are a little bit shorter.”


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