The Mandalorian: We know when the series will end, but Star Wars fans will be delighted

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While March 1st marked With the long-awaited return of The Mandalorian with Season 3 airing on Disney+, many are wondering when the live-action Star Wars series will end. Its creator has just made some clarifications and the least we can say is that you will love his response.

The Mandalorian: We know when the series will end, but fans of Star Wars will be delighted

Great freedom; to develop the series

Indeed, when a series is launched at television, in general, the writers and showrunners know how many seasons they will have to work on. So, it's only natural to wonder what's going on with The Mandalorian, the first Star Wars series to be offered on Disney+.  

The Mandalorian: we know when it will end series, but Star Wars fans will be delighted

However, as far as the series created by Jon Favreau is concerned, the question does not arise as he has just revealed to the audience. Entertainment Weekly. Indeed, the showrunner of The Mandalorian reveals that he has great freedom; thanks to; the timeline of the Star Wars saga. As a reminder, the series takes place over several years from Return of the Jedi to The Force Awakens. A freedom which imposes a very heavy work for the creative teams:

We know what happens after the series, what happened after the series. before, not to mention the stories that do not belong to the official canon but are very beloved by fans for several decades. You have to take everything ça into account.

A universe so vast that offers Jon Favreau the possibility to explore many directions. Moreover, he points out that as long as he enjoys it; working on The Mandalorian, he won't imagine any end to it. the series. An announcement that will inevitably delight all Star Wars fans. As a reminder, last February, the creator of the series had declared; to Total Film that this season 3 was “an intermediate chapter in a larger story“.

The Mandalorian: we know when the series will end rie, but Star Wars fans are going to be delighted

Prepare for many more seasons

And that's not about to change because Jon Favreau considers himself lucky to be able to explore this universe in the form of a serieswhich offers advantages compared to the cinema and that he loves meeting his team every year to develop a new season:

For each film we are shooting, we have to put together a new team. But for The Mandalorian, we're blessed with this great group of talented people that we're lucky enough to work with every year.

The Mandalorian: We know when the series will end, but Star Wars fans will be delighted

We know it, The Mandalorian will end up being concluded one day or another, but it seems that çit will not be tomorrow the day before. In the meantime, you can find a new episode of Season 3 broadcast exclusively on Disney+ every Wednesday.