The Mandalorian star will play an old marine

The Mandalorian star will play an old marine

Three-time “Oscar nominee” Nick Nolte (“48 hours”, “The Mandalorian”, “Hulk”) is set to star in the psychological thriller Eugene the Marine (“Eugene the Marine&#8221 ;), which will begin filming this fall.

The Mandalorian

Nick Nolte as Kuiil in the series “The Mandalorian”

Deadline writes that Nolte will play a widower and ex-Marine, Gene, who notices his easy life is getting worse after his son pressures him to sell his old house. When a mysteriously familiar woman enters Gene's life, Gene begins to relax until the line between his nightmares and reality begins to blur.

The film will be directed by Hank Bedford (Dixieland), who also co-wrote the screenplay with Cesare Gaglirdoni (Cesare Gagliardoni).

A possible release date for the film Eugene the Marine has not yet been announced.

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