The man who gave the compliment was not expecting Shakira's response. Piqué is already in Barcelona. 

The man who gave the compliment was not expecting Shakira's response. Piqué is already in Barcelona. 

In the prelude to the alleged meeting between the lawyers of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, due to their trial for separation, new details of interest continue to emerge every day in the entertainment press.

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This Thursday, a video of an award ceremony with Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​in which Piqué seemed not to reciprocate Shakira's affection, stole all the glares.

Now, the separation of the singer and the footballer is back in vogue due to a new recording. This time, because of Shakira's reaction to a man who, at the Miami airport, yelled at her “You're gorgeous.”

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Shakira surprises

The man who gave the compliment did not expect Shakira's response. Piqué is already in Barcelona. 

According to what has been known, Shakira has already left the United States with her two children, Milan and Sasha, after a few good days of vacation.

At that time, the woman from Barranquilla visited sports venues such as the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium in California. In all her visits she was very well received by the public.

Meanwhile, Gerard Piqué, who was on tour with Fútbol Club Barcelona in North America, suffered rejection from fans in all his games, apparently due to the end of his relationship with Shakira.

The shouts with him name of the barranquillera and loud whistles let it be seen.

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This Friday, a recording highlighted the affection of the American population with Shakira.

While passing through the Miami airport, a man yelled at her: “You look gorgeous”.< br>
Shakira, hand in hand with her children, turned around and gave her a smile.

“Others would even get angry and she was super attentive”, say her fans .

The court case facing Shakira

The man who gave the compliment did not expect Shakira's response. Piqué is already in Barcelona.&nbsp ;

The Prosecutor's Office of the Spanish city of Barcelona requested a sentence of eight years and two months in prison and a fine of 23.8 million euros for the Colombian singer Shakira, accused of six crimes against the Public Treasury for defraud 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014, pretending that he did not reside in Spain.

The public ministry presented its indictment before the Catalan Justice, after the artist rejected last Wednesday the last agreement of the Prosecutor's Office to reduce sentences and avoid trial. One more problem, after the separation with the Barcelona defender, Gerard Piqué.

Shakira has already returned the 14.5 million that the Tax Agency demanded of her and another three in interest, therefore, the highly qualified mitigation of damage repair has been applied to reduce the sentence, which could amount to up to six years in prison for each crime.

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Since none of the sentences requested exceeds two years in prison and there is no criminal record, in the event of a possible conviction, Shakira could benefit from a suspension of the sanction and avoid going to prison.

The prosecution maintains that, by having resided in Spain more than 183 days a year,
Shakira “was a tax resident in Spain and had the obligation to pay taxes on all of her worldwide income”, both with respect to IRPF (Income Tax on Individuals) as well as wealth tax.

It was known, thanks to an official statement, that the legal part of the singer did not reach an agreement with the Spanish Prosecutor's Office.

The judge says that there is enough evidence for the artist to go to trial. “We consider that it is a clear violation of the person, of his rights. He has always had an irreproachable behavior as a contributor and a determination to solve the inconveniences”, it was warned.

Gerard Piqué, for his part, is only a few days away from making his debut with Barcelona in the new LaLiga season. His ownership is hanging by a thread, after the hiring of Jules Koundé.

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