The man who attacked Ben Zyskowicz is an old acquaintance of the police

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The person suspected of assaulting a member of parliament has a previous criminal record.

>> The man who attacked Zysckowicz is an old acquaintance of the police” />

An unknown man attacked Ben Zysckowicz last Saturday in Itäkeskus. Mikko Huiskoriika.tauriainen@iltalehti.fiToday at 11:22

MP Ben Zysckowicz(kok) the person suspected of Saturday's assault is still in custody and has been interrogated.

– The actual motive for the act has not yet emerged. But in certain matters, emotions have boiled over, says crime commissioner Tommi Lehtonen, the director of the investigation into the suspected assault.

Lehtonen says that at this stage he will not go into more detail evaluating a possible political motive. The suspect has a history with the police.

– This is not the first time he has dealt with the police, Lehtonen confirms.

According to Lehtonen, the arrest of the suspect is under consideration. The suspect has been cooperative during the interrogations.

This is what it's all about

Zyskowicz was assaulted on Saturday during his election campaign vacation.

Zyskowicz was at Itäkeskus metro station waiting for the metro to Vuosaari when a man came to the scene and started threatening him.

The man threatened to kill the MP and hit him in the face.

– He clearly had a political motive, he barked at me about NATO and Judaism, Zyskowicz told Iltalehti.

A member of parliament was attacked on Saturday Reader's video

The man who attacked Ben Zyskowicz is an old acquaintance of the police