The man from Antioquia will lead the match between Millonarios and Santa Fe this Saturday.

The man from Antioquia will lead the match between Millonarios and Santa Fe this Saturday.

The 307th edition of the Bogota classic between Millionaires and Santa Fe (account that only includes games de Liga) finds the two teams well placed in the standings: the blues are leaders, with 20 points and the reds are third with 15, with the same points as the second, Unión Magdalena.

Not counting the famous Bogota final of the 2017-II League, you have to go back nine years to find a classic with the two teams at the top of the table: it was in 2013-II, also with the blues as leaders and the reds as third.

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The Arbitration Commission appointed the judges to this edition of the capital derby and sent the most experienced judge in the country, Wílmar Roldán, as central for this match. In the lines will be Ríchard Ortiz, from Quindío, and John Reyes, from Antioquia.

The VAR will be in charge of Lisandro Castillo and the AVAR will be Steven Camargo, both from the Bogotá school.

Roldán's figures in the Bogota classic

It will be the 12th classic for Roldán, with which he will equal Guillermo 'Chato' Velásquez and Ovidio Orrego in fourth place on the list of judges with the most games directed between Millonarios and Santa Fe in the League. They are only surpassed by Óscar Julián Ruiz (15), Gilberto Aristizábal (13) and Mario Canessa (13).

In the 11 classics that Roldán has led, there have been three wins for each team and six draws. However, his appointment immediately generated protests from Santa Fe fans on social networks, who recalled some performances by the Antioquian in duels against Millionaires.

Santa Fe's specific complaints against Roldán

There are two specific games in which the Santa Fe fans strongly questioned Roldán. One of them, the return from the 2017 Bogota final.

El-antioqueño will direct the match between Millonarios and Santa Fe this Saturday.

, in which he stopped awarding a penalty in favor of the reds in the first stage, due to a foul by Mackalister Silva on Ánderson Plata.

The other was much earlier, in May 2015, on the last date of the phase all against all and with the two teams playing the passage to the playoffs. Roldán and his assistant, Wilson Berrío, considered offside a play in which Yerry Mina scored when he was fully enabled.

The man from Antioquia will direct the match between Millonarios and Santa Fe this Saturday.

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Santa Fe lost 1-3 that game and was eliminated. “It was not convenient for anyone to see Santa Fe pass. It looked like Colombia from the eighties,” said the then red coach, Gustavo Costas. “The referees took us out. Excuse me, because you know that I don't like to talk about arbitrations, but today's was disastrous,” he added.

Roldán also directed the most recent classic between Millonarios and Santa Fe, the last April 24, with a 2-1 victory for the ambassadors and a correct performance by the central judge.

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