The MAJ wants to remain present on the political scene

September 12, 2021 by archyde

The MAJ wants to remain present on the political scene


The Jura Autonomist Movement (MAJ) will not give up its fight after the transfer of Moutier (BE) to the canton of Jura. But he believes that political development in the Bernese Jura depends only on the region and not on the Bernese government or on himself.

This message was delivered during the 74th People’s Day Sunday in Delémont by the secretary general of MAJ Pierre-André Comte. “Those who claim to know the future at twenty are charlatans and the MAJ does not wish to be part of it,” said Pierre-André Comte in front of around seventy activists for autonomy.

For the MAJ, it will be up to the population concerned to choose their destiny. The struggle movement believes that the “right to return to the Jura house is an inalienable right” and not the object of an “external demand”. Its watchword is to convince without coercing.

The struggle movement judges that the Jurassic Question is not closed after Moutier’s vote. For Pierre-André Comte, there is never a definitive story. The secretary general of the MAJ thus evokes the case of the municipality of Belprahon (BE) which, according to him, must be able to decide on its cantonal membership.

For the Confederation and the Bernese and Jura governments, the Jurassic Question is settled by the entry into force of the vote of March 28, 2021. The next stage of the integration process concerns the negotiation of an intercantonal concordat which fixes the terms of the transfer of the City of Moutier.

Integration of Moutier

The MAJ has no doubts about the success of Moutier’s transfer. But he evokes the possibility of what he calls “Bernese blackmail intended to block the negotiations” necessary for the transfer. He therefore calls for the acceleration of the integration of the provost city. Jura government and Bernese Executive Council are bringing forward the date of January 1, 2026.

The secretary general of the MAJ took advantage of the press conference of the People’s Day to salute the commitment of the activists led by the “Moutier, Jura city” committee during the campaigns that preceded the votes of June 18, 2017 and the March 28, 2021. He noted their perseverance. For Pierre-André Comte, the vote of the provost city is the result of a long fight.

Two birthdays

This edition of the People’s Day was the occasion to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Roland Béguelin (1921-1993), considered with Roger Schaffter as one of the fathers of the canton of Jura. The autonomist demonstration also celebrated the 70th anniversary of the approval of the Jura flag by the Bernese government.

The festive part of the People’s Day with the international festival of street artists through the old town has been canceled in view of the current health situation. To participate in political meetings, you had to mount your Covid certificate.

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