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Главное за неделю: Алла Мазур выздоровливает, а TARABAROVA беременна во второй раз

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This week it became known that a cancer patient presenter Alla Mazur had the surgery, and the singer TARABAROVA announced her second pregnancy. Read more about the main events read the selection Today.Lifestyle.

Cancer Alla Mazur had the surgery

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Alla Mazur, who’s battling cancer, was a major part of treatment. The star has already had the surgery and, according to her, the prognosis is good. From the first day Alla didn’t lose a positive attitude and approached all people with a request to postpone a scheduled inspection at the doctor, because in time the disease is detected can save lives.

This time the TV presenter on his page on Facebook asked followers not to ignore quarantine regulations, to wear masks and wash hands. She recalled that among us there may be people with weakened immune systems – those who have overcome cancer or are undergoing treatment.

Главное за неделю: Алла Мазур выздоровливает, а TARABAROVA беременна во второй раз

The Anchor Alla Mazur

“The main part of treatment behind us, the prognosis is good. Appealed to doctors in time – showed the operation. Forces are restored. And can finally return to his beloved. And since back then, when health must think the whole country, even the whole world – I want to ask you one thing. We are all tired of the quarantine and enclosed spaces. But remember: with the weakening of quarantine coronavirus has not disappeared. When you decide to wear the mask, going to a crowded place remember. Alongside those who have already settled virus, but not show – can be people with minimal immunity. Those who are still recovering from cancer. Or only recently recovered,” wrote Alla Mazur.

TARABAROVA pregnant the second time

TARABAROVA pregnant second rasfoto: pregnant second rasfoto: pregnant second rasfoto: pregnant second rasfoto:

Ukrainian singer TARABAROVA pregnant a second time. 29-year-old singer announced the happy news on their official pages in social networks. The actress shared touching photos in black and white style, which Svetlana posing with a rounded tummy. About your second pregnancy, the singer learned in Barcelona.

“Friends, I want to share with you. I’m pregnant for the second time. Despite the difficulties that accompany pregnancy, I think pregnant woman are beautiful! No complexes – you’re beautiful!” – shared the joyful event of the singer.

Nikita Dobrynin and Daria Kvitkova married

May 20, hero Dating show “the Bachelor 9” Nikita Dobrynin officially married the winner of the Daria Kvitkove. Because of the quarantine, the lovers were forced to postpone the wedding for August 12 to all the guests from abroad were able to share the event with them. But the painting took place, as planned, in may.

Главное за неделю: Алла Мазур выздоровливает, а TARABAROVA беременна во второй раз

Daria Kvitkova and Nikita Dobrynin became husband and wife

Surrounded by close friends Nikita and Daria were married. The celebration, they continued visiting the parents of the newly made wife. For painting the bride was dressed in a short white dress and wearing elegant sandals.

The TV host chose a light gray suit. The ceremony was attended by friends, spouses, are heard from off-screen happily congratulate the newlyweds. Daria had planned to take her husband’s name after marriage. It is known that Nikita Dobrynin is the name of the presenter. During the filming of the show “the Bachelor 9” the main character admitted his real name and the name of the other.

Brian Austin green divorcing Megan Fox

On the eve of the Network appeared rumors that Hollywood beauty Megan Fox breaks up with her husband Brian Austin green, with whom they lived together for about 10 years. The flames were fanned by the fact that the star of “Transformers” was noticed in the company of famous rapper Machine Gun Kellу (Colson Baker).

Later the actor Brian Austin green has officially confirmed the divorce with his wife. He said that will always love Megan and will continue with her to raise children. 46-year-old actor does not hide the feelings have not faded, and the gap was a real disappointment.

Главное за неделю: Алла Мазур выздоровливает, а TARABAROVA беременна во второй раз

Megan Fox and Brian Austin green

“I will always love her. And I know that she will always love me. And I know that we have built our family – it’s really cool and really especially,” said Brian Austin.

According to him, the divorce process began in late 2019 and continues to this day. The ex-wife will continue to work together to raise three sons and are already planning a joint family vacation, so as not to injure them.

Polina Gagarina after 6 years of marriage, divorces her husband, media

Главное за неделю: Алла Мазур выздоровливает, а TARABAROVA беременна во второй раз

Singer Polina Gagarina and her husband Dmitry

In the media appeared information that the Russian singer Polina Gagarina away from the spouse. Artist after six years of marriage, divorces Dmitry Isakov. Husband 33-year-old singer did not deny the breakup. The photographer claimed that the official divorce with Pauline, they have not yet begun to formalize.

Interestingly, Iskhakov was CEO of the company “Polina Gagarina”, but recently he was fired from this position. This is the second marriage of Polina Gagarina. Before the singer divorced father and his eldest son, lived with him for three years. First husband Gagarina Pyotr Kislov, she said, not even paying child support for son.

Russian actress contracted the coronavirus, and escaped from the hospital

Famous Russian actress Tatyana Vasilyeva was in the hospital test positive for the coronavirus COVID-19. However, 73-year-old actress didn’t want to stay in a medical facility and decided to leave the hospital.

Главное за неделю: Алла Мазур выздоровливает, а TARABAROVA беременна во второй раз

Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva

The star of the movie “walk the line” told me that was afraid that might get infected in hospital with coronavirus and fled, not waiting for tests. Now Tatyana Vasilyeva faces substantial fines, but, according to most Actresses, she carefully treated and hopes that she will not be fined. For violation of the law the actress faces a fine equivalent to 1822 UAH. Meanwhile, the entrance Tatyana Vasilyeva pass sanitary processing and neighbors she is not seen.

“I physicians had not seen because I am my own doctor for a long time and I have everything in order. No fever, not coughing, have to do only CT, but also unknown when, where and what. I think I still have three days to live locked up and all my quarantine is over,” – said the actress.

Husband of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk refused treatment media

Главное за неделю: Алла Мазур выздоровливает, а TARABAROVA беременна во второй раз

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshev

Native Anastasia Zavorotnyuk refused treatment of the actress, which discovered the tumor. Physicians were offered therapy when the tumor is destroyed by the virus. Zavorotnyuk’s husband Peter Chernyshev decided not to risk and abandoned this method.

“We have visited her husband, a former athlete. He was a very cautious man, and I understand it perfectly. He says: let’s wait, she’s better now, if it gets too bad – then we’ll begin. But at least we have tested in the culture of her cells and now know what virus it is,” – said the Director of the Institute of molecular biology Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Makarov.

He also added that Zavorotniuk “there has been a remission”.

Recall that the diagnosis of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk received official confirmation. Biologists gave the tumor cells for further study and the opportunity to cure the artist.

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