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The MagSafe analogue for the Android operating system turned out to be better than Apple's

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr17,2024

The MagSafe analogue for the Android operating system turned out to be better than Apple's

Fast charging is commonplace today. At the same time, technologies in this direction continue to develop. An excellent example of this is the Magsafe analogue for Android gadgets presented by Infinix, which demonstrates parameters that are higher than those developed by Apple.

Magnetic charging for Android

The new fast charging from Infinix is ​​based on the company's AllRound FastCharge2.0 technology. Its performance is provided by the CheetahX1 chip, and it is implemented in the new Infinix NOTE40 series of smartphones. This chip is responsible for safe determination of voltage and extremely accurate determination of power, as well as universal support for various scenarios, due to which maximum charging efficiency and an impressive level of safety are ensured.

Branded gadgets of the new Infinix line can be charged with a power of 100 W. At the same time, 50% of the capacity of the regular battery is filled in eight minutes, while the smartphones themselves are provided with high-density batteries that can withstand up to 1,600 full charging cycles, saving 80% of the resource.

In the new Infinix devices, the ExtremeTempTech option is implemented, which is responsible for the high efficiency of charging the phone in conditions of low ambient temperatures. Another interesting feature of these gadgets can be called BypassCharging 2.0.

This technology filters the current, making sure that the battery of the device does not charge during the game, when the device is connected to a power source. In such situations, all the energy is redirected directly to the computing power, and therefore the battery does not heat up, and the temperature of the device itself does not rise.

Magnetic charging for Android is also distinguished by proprietary reverse charging technology, which allows you to charge other gadgets as wired and wireless at a speed of up to 10 W. Support for the PD 3.0 protocol makes it possible to charge laptop batteries using a smartphone charger, which makes the latter a universal solution.

Natasha Kumar

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