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The Lviv customs inspector became unemployed due to a scandalous video on the Internet

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

Lviv customs inspector became unemployed due to a scandalous video on the network

Image of Yulia Dryga was valued at $8,000/screenshot

Yulia Dryga was dismissed from the post of chief state inspector of the Lviv Customs Department for Administrative and Economic Activities. And it happened because of a video on the tiktok network.

In the video, Yuliya Dryga flaunted branded items. Their total value was estimated at 8 thousand dollars. Which significantly exceeds her salary at customs for 2023, writes ZAXID.NET.

The inspector herself noted in the video that works “a little for himself, a little – for the state”.

And she became the heroine of Nicholas Karma's tiktok. He takes pictures of people on the street and asks how much their image is worth. The video was posted on April 12, and within a few hours the author deleted it. Journalist Taras Seredych drew attention to the video, after which it spread across Telegram channels.

So, Yuliya Dryga said that she is wearing a hat by Ukrainian designer Ruslan Baginsky for 18 thousand hryvnias, a leash for a Gucci dog from the brand of the same name for 200 dollars. Yulia also showed off a Louis Vuitton handbag for $1,500, Hermes boots for $800, and a Cartier watch for $5,000.

Please note that in the declaration for 2023, Yulia Dryga indicated 136,000 hryvnias in wages at customs, 3,000 dollars in cash and 41,000 hryvnias received from a private enterprise. And she also has – a 50% share in the ownership of an apartment in Lviv. At the same time, in the declaration she did not indicate the income of her now ex-husband Oleksiy Dryga, who works as a canine inspector at Lviv Customs.

Yulia Dryga was fired from her job. The head of the Lviv Customs Andriy Kuznik told ZAXID.NET that on April 12, Yuliya Dryga wrote an application for dismissal “by agreement of the parties”. Also, information about her was sent to the NAKC to conduct an inspection and react.

It is difficult now to explain to everyone where she got these things. As in the joke about the daughter-whore. Before you do or say something, you have to think about the consequences, and when you're in public service, you have to think about it 24/7,
– noted Andriy Kuznik.

Meanwhile, journalist Taras Seredych noted that he had the opportunity to talk with Yulia Driga when she was released. The woman said that she herself asked Nicholas Karma to remove the video. She also assured that the Cartier watch – replica, a Louis Vuitton handbag – from the old collection. And that she bought it with money from her business.

As for customs, she started working there only in August 2023. Therefore, she said, she has not yet had time to adapt to work. True, she did not provide the journalist with any evidence for her words.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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