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The longest day in the Commons

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are having a very long day in the House of Commons.

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Determined to abolish the carbon tax, Pierre Poilievre's federal Conservatives carried out their threat by flooding the House of Commons with amendments to prevent the adjournment of the work. After spending the night debating and voting, MPs are still in office on Friday morning in the Commons, where time is frozen on December 7.

We cannot change the date at the Commons table until the work has been adjourned. So in MPs’ heads, it’s still December 7th. We will change the date when there is an adjournment […] But it could be December 7 for another full day, explained journalist Daniel Thibeault, on the show Tout un matin.< /p>

The votes concern additional spending by the federal government, which was not planned in the last budget. They touch on issues as varied as civil servant compensation, new programs for First Nations, National Defense and spending for Ukraine.

The Conservatives tabled 134 amendments, one for each expense presented in the House. Since Thursday evening, the pace has been around five votes per hour.

The Liberals and New Democrats ensure a constant presence to avoid lose a vote, which would have the effect of bringing down the government. But so far, it has not been threatened.

LoadingThe Dubé reform will be adopted under the gag

ELSE ON INFO: The Dubé reform will be adopted under a gag order

The government will not fall, but it is much longer than it should have been for these kinds of votes which, roughly speaking, are a formality when we finish, because these are entirely justified and justifiable expenses, explains Daniel Thibeault.

Pierre Poilievre's conservatives are using this tactic to get their message across and to demand the abolition of the carbon tax, continues the journalist. Moreover, Mr. Poilievre has stood up several times in the House in recent hours to ask for the adoption of a unanimous motion to scrap the carbon tax.

The Conservatives began their legislative obstruction tactic Wednesday and say they won't stop until families, farmers and First Nations are exempt from federal carbon pricing that they say them, increases the cost of living.

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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre

Between votes, the deputies occupy themselves as best they can. Liberal Minister Patty Hajdu was seen knitting while another MP had his pillow to rest on. A Conservative MP was cleaning the glasses of her colleagues who, at some point during the night, ate food from McDonald's.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday that the Conservatives were playing theater and that Liberal MPs were happy to work late.

Some like Karina Gould have less of pleasure. The Liberal MP deplores the fact that the Conservatives rejected her motion proposing the adjournment of the debates at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday so that they could resume at 7 a.m. on Friday morning.

I'm eight and a half months pregnant, so I'm going to be there to stand up for my fellow citizens, but the Conservatives had the opportunity to support the health of MPs and everyone who works here , she said.

The abolition of the carbon tax for all types of residential heating is one of the major objectives of Mr. Poilievre, who regularly promises to eliminate the tax at conservative rallies across the country.

In October, Mr. Trudeau announced that the Oil heating will be exempt for three years from carbon pricing, while users can switch to electric heat pumps.

With information from The Canadian Press

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