The longest carnival in the world begins in Montevideo: this will be the programming

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More than 40 carnival groups made up of murgas, parodists, magazines, comedians, and black and lubolo society will parade along 18 de Julio Avenue this Thursday at the inauguration of the popular festival that runs until March

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The longest carnival in the world begins in Montevideo: this is how the program will be

The inaugural parade of Carnival will once again take place along the main avenue of Montevideo, as it was before the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

The inaugural parade of the Carnival 2023It will be held this Thursday 19 from 8:00 p.m. on Avenida 18 de Julio from Plaza Independencia to Plaza Cagancha, a point where there will be a stage for a brief presentation. This parade kicks off the classic Uruguayan party, which lasts until March, with different events and contests.

Last year, the parade of CarnivalIt was carried out in the quarries of Parque Rodó, this was due to the Covid 19 health emergency. The space on the sides of 18 de Julio Avenue is small, and for this reason the departmental government of Montevideo chose to move the point to a place with more space for spectators.

The traditional parade will receive 47 carnival groups, which are divided into different categories: street musicians, parodists, comedians, magazines and comparsas. These will then form part of the official contest, which takes place on the stage of the Ramón Collazo Summer Theater, located on the rambla from Montevideo.

Once the inaugural parade is over, Carnival will flood the streets of Uruguay, and the popular festival will be felt in all the neighborhoods. Where official contests are held, but there is also space for more homemade artistic expressions.

Like a summer sky

The Official Carnival Contest Uruguayan will start on Monday, January 23 at the stagemost important of the Carnival, the Summer Theater. The 39 participating groups have already been defined, among the five categories.

This contest has three stages, in which each group is evaluated by a jury, and from there it goes to the next or not . Those who will end up being winners will go through the stage three times, and each time their presentation is improved by the time they have been filming on the stage.

The so-called “tablados” are the stages where the murgas, comedians and more categories go out to show everything they have prepared during the year for Carnival. There are well-known stages, and other neighborhood tablados, but they all work to the max, and show different characteristics of the Uruguayan carnival.

Murgas are the most popular genre in Montevideo. Among the best known are Araca la Cana, Contrafarsa, Falta y Resto, Curtidores de Hongos and in recent years new groups have appeared that have revolutionized carnival and crossed borders such as Hold on Catalina with its famous director Tabaré Cardozo, Queso Magro and La Mojigata. Although many of them are not participating in the official contest this year.

The longest carnival in the world begins in Montevideo: this is how the program will be

More than 40 carnival groups made up of street musicians, parodists, magazines, comedians, and a society of blacks and lubolos will parade along the main avenue of the department of Montevideo.

These groups are characterized by the topics they deal with, since they in the lyrics they sing they include criticism of politics, rulers and other institutions. And it is not only the theme, but the grace and artistic talent with which they narrate it, the most interesting thing.

The other great parade of Montevideo

The Call Parade 2023 will take place on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of February. On Friday, the troupes that obtained the first places in the 2022 Calls contest will parade, while on Saturday those classified according to the order of the scores obtained in the Admission Calls will parade.< /p>

The official boxes for this event are sold out, is a great tourist attraction, with tickets that can reach 100 dollars. There are also other offers, which are the balconies and roof terraces of the neighbors of the neighborhood, who on these February nights lend their house to the party.

It starts in Montevideo the longest carnival in the world: this is how the program will be

In the Inaugural Carnival parade, there will be a Violet Point. It is a space that you can go to to receive support if you are in a situation of gender violence

Every year some 40 comparsas parade down Isla de Flores street through the Sur and Palermo neighborhoods, these neighborhoods of Montevideo They are where the first people freed from slavery stayed. The event constitutes one of the most recognized manifestations of Afro-Uruguayan culture.

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