The Liverpool player scored in a game played in La Guajira. 

Colombian soccer player Luis Díaz is all the rage during his vacations in Colombia. The player has not only had time to rest, but also to play one that another party.

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The Liverpool soccer player was present on Friday at a match in La Guajira, for the opening of the remodeled Federico Serrano Soto stadium de Rioacha, where there was a party to watch the Colombian crack play, with the presence of other soccer figures.

However, it all got out of hand when Luis Diaz scored a goal and fans, big and small, swarmed the pitch to run and hug him. After the invasion, the game was declared over.

“The game was a meeting of great soccer figures who have become an inspiration and role model for many children and young people from Guajiros, which received special recognition from the district administration, with the aim of highlighting their triumphs and important legacy”, said Mayor José Ramiro Bermúdez.

El Serrano Soto is the highest soccer venue in the department of La Guajira.

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