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The Little Mermaid: the director of the Disney classic tackles live-action and remakes

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

A director who collaborated with &àgrave; many times with Disney tackling its live-action remakes without mercy, and in particular the one on The Little Mermaid .

The Little Mermaid: the director of the Disney classic tackles live-action and remakes< /p>

criticism of Disney's live-action remakes

It's been many years since Disney lost the support of a large part of the public. To see this, just look at the ranking of favorite companies in the United States. In the past, the firm represented by Mickey Mouse was at the top of the rankings. Today, not at all. He is accused of betting abusively on their licenses. success, particularly with the countless remakes, or even being too “woke” in his films.And this is exactly what John Musker also denounces,who notably produced the animated films The Little Mermaid, Hercules, Aladdin, and more recently Moana.

Like some of the general public,Musker criticizes; Disney wants to send messages and respect a certain agenda, rather than trying to tell good stories. “You don't have to exclude the message, but you first have to create characters that you sympathize with and that are compelling,” explains Musker. And this is also the reason why he does not support live-action adaptations, particularly that ofThe Little Mermaid.

< h2> john musker destroys the remake of the little mermaid, but not only

This was during a recent interview given to him. to the Spanish newspaper El Pais that Elon Musker violently tackled Disney's live-action remakes, and in particular The Little Mermaid, of which he directed. the original version. Also referring to theLion King,remakehe deplores the will to make animals and creatures realistic, the image of the crab Sebastian,because that would make them lose all their charm:“you could look at living animals in a zoo and they will have more expression”.By the way , he tackles Disney for not even having been capable of retaining the most important message ofThe Little Mermaid, about “the father-daughter story”.

The Little Mermaid: the director of the Disney classic tackles live-action and remakes

More generally, it is the very idea of ​​remakes that annoys John Musker, who denounces the lack of risk, whether at Disney or other studios.He believes that the goal is simply to“remake and sell [to the public] in a different form.”Finally, the director of Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Vaiana is only repeating what thousands of Internet users have been denouncing for years ;es. But coming from someone who has worked with Disney at Many times, the words necessarily carry even more weight. On the other hand, not sure that the entertainment giant will call on the company again. John Musker anytime soon.

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